"Tim and his group helped us purchased our first rental investment in 2007 for $245K and rented it for $2,995 per month. They also found our second rental investment (A luxury golf course property) for $480K and rented for $4,300 per month. We have never lost any rental income and always had great tenants. They had located qualified tenant for both properties as soon as we took possession. They are great real estate advisors and have made us a ton of money. Thank you for your hard work and honesty."
- Mo S.

"Alborz Real Estate Company is an A+ company! Not only did they help us find our first investment property for LESS than we had budgeted and in a highly lucrative area but have continued to manage our investment effectively! The maintenance cost remains low, we are receiving top dollar for our rental and in turn, our monthly return after management fee is above average! The best part, NO HEADACHES! They handle everything and if there is any question contact us immediately! Mr. & Mrs. M. Abbott"
- Tamra

"I am very pleased with Alborz Real Estate Co for helping me with my rental properties in Denver. They found qualified tenants (they screened them so well). They got more rent amount than I had expected. Tim, the owner knows what it takes to get houses rented really fast. I am one happy landlord with the help of this wonderful company. I highly recommend them."
- Sarah Gul

"Highly Recommend Alborz Real Estate Co. I have had an excellent experience, everyone is very friendly and professional, and most importantly, I have peace of mind when my property is in their hands because I know they will take great care of everything. Thank you Tim for all of your service."
- Nahid Nahidi